We offer the following services

·         We guide the investor with regards to the optimal investment options and paths that he or she can follow in order to qualify for EU Citizenship.

·         We prepare all the paperwork required to be filed at the relevant immigration authorities, removing the burden from the shoulder of the investor and eliminating the stress that relates to adhering to every regulatory requirement.

·         We represent the client at the liaising process with the necessary immigration departments, so as to ensure that his/her application is dealt with and processed as fast and effortlessly as possible, and most importantly, that the application is finally approved, resulting in the acquisition of Cyprus Citizenship and the issue of a Cyprus Passport.

·         In the case where the client elects to invest in property, we assist them with the purchase of property by preparing a property portfolio. The properties included in the portfolio are specially selected to meet both the client’s needs and the scheme’s requirements.

·         When the client decides upon the property that better suits their needs, we undertake on his behalf the negotiation process in order to achieve the best possible price.

·         We draft the contracts required for purchasing the property, safeguarding the investor against all the risks that may be involved in buying a property in Cyprus.

·         We undertake the opening of a personal bank account in the name of the investor at a banking institution in Cyprus.

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